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Not all projects go according to plan!


Problems with execution, particularly in the use of project resources, often lead to unforeseen budget overruns.


This can be compounded by mitigating outside factors such as extreme weather events, that can also harm the bottom line of any project.


Rising costs can often spark complex legal situations that eventually require mediation or legal arbitration.


Doab Enterprises stands behind its impeccable standards of honesty and integrity, and has developed a reputation in the legal market as an expert in project cost advice and witness services. Doab Enterprises can assist in deriving the most informative and educated outcome for any legal requirement.



Legal and Forensic Estimating Services


  • Quantitative Analysis (take-offs)
  • Cost of Repair or Replacement
  • Comparative Cost of Repair Analysis
  • Standard and Prevailing Wage Cost Estimates
  • Time and Material Estimates
  • Life Cycle Cost Estimating
  • Material Escalation Analysis
  • Claims Pricing and Evaluation
  • Percentage of Completion Estimating
  • DORC Evaluations
  • Asset Evaluation
  • Insurance Valuations
  • Dispute Avoidance
  • Due Diligence
  • Procurement Review / Advise
  • Tender Documents Review and Advise
  • Project Review / Evaluation
  • Adjudication
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Expert Witness
  • Project Funding Due Diligence

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Possessing accurate information will allow better decision making, which in turn will make a project more cost efficient.



By having a 360 degree view on the scope of a project, management teams will be able to successfully forecast a projects full cost, economic feasibility and evaluate it accordingly.


Doab Enterprises has the knowledge, technical skills and experience to provide an industry leading estimating service that is both accurate and reliable.


Cost estimating by Doab Enterprises will predict full costings and evaluate the price of resources required by the scope of an investment option, activity or project. The final reporting within estimating process, the cost estimate, may be used in evaluations such as:


  • determining the economic feasibility of a project,
  • evaluating the Project Study Cycles,
  • evaluating between project alternatives,
  • establishing the appropriate costing of a project, and
  • providing a basis for project cost and programme evaluation and control.


Doab Enterprises prides itself on the results D’est, a cutting edge estimating software system that has been purposefully developed to meet the exacting standards of clients.


Doab Enterprises has set itself extremely high standards in terms of quality, and more importantly, integrity.


Full Cost Estimating Services:

  • Complete Project Life Cycle Estimate
    • Concept Phase Study
    • Pre-feasibility Study
    • Feasibility Study
    • Bankable Study
    • Execution Study
  • MTO / BOQ Preparation
  • Basis of Estimate (BOE) Reporting
  • CAPEX / OPEX Estimates / Reviews
  • Escalation Estimate
  • Cost Risk Analysis / Contingency Determination
  • Estimate Review / Due Diligence
  • Project Contingency Reviews

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While it may be understood that planning and scheduling are associated, in fact the two disciplines are completely separate.


Planning is vital. Through accurate planning, an organisation lays the groundwork for its future, so it can take action today.


Scheduling, on the other hand, is the process that converts the plan into a road map that when followed, will ensure the project is successfully achieved, within the correct time and cost frameworks.


Put simply – the results of successful planning are best communicated though a schedule.


Doab Enterprises are experienced in providing comprehensive Planning and Scheduling frameworks. This experience had ensured that the team at Doab Enterprises has been involved in numerous projects at both pre-execution and actual execution stages. The planning culture at Doab Enterprises are predicated by set goals and objectives.


Clients can select from either:

  • Bar Chart (Gantt Chart) Method
  • Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Project Evaluation Review Technique (PERT)


Doab Enterprises creates schedules that are specific and tailored to the needs of you and your business.


Planning & Scheduling Services


  • Project Planning
    • Project Planning
    • Project Execution Strategy
    • Project Scoping
    • Estimate Breakdown Structure (EBS)
    • Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS – AACE)
    • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Estimate Resource Allocation
  • Schedule Development
    • Baseline Schedule
    • Schedule Basis
    • Resource Loading Curves
    • Estimate Resource Allocation
    • Cash Flow Advise / Review

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The difference between success and failure of a project can come down to successful control and implementation of a plan.


An accurate and detailed cost estimate and a thorough plan and schedule is a necessarily initial stage to any project, however it does not guarantee success.


Doab Enterprises has the capability to create a process that can simulate the movement of a project, through effective and accurate cost reporting.


The Progress and Control Phase includes the following:

  • ensure professional forecasts for any recovery plans;
  • ensuring appropriate project progress updates;
  • critical path and schedule change management;
  • progress reporting; and
  • provision of timely deliverables to the project team.



By involving Doab Enterprises in the progress reporting stages of a project will ensure successful outcomes.


Progress and Cost Control Services


  • Schedule Progress & Status Procedures
  • Schedule Performance Assessment
  • Forecasting
  • Schedule Change Management
  • Contract Claims and Disputes
  • Project Closeout

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The current business environment is providing many challenges. Success is often determined by the smallest of margins and errors can severely impact the financial performance of any project. It is vital that Project Management results in:


  • The ability to identify potential risks;
  • maximizing cost savings;
  • minimizing time delays; and
  • improve economic return.


Doab Enterprises, as part of its complete Cost Engineering Services, offers Project Management solutions for projects of any size and complexity.


Doab Enterprises specialise in Project Cost Management and can deliver first class results in the following key processes:


  • Cost Estimation
  • Budget Determination
  • Cost Control


By employing Doab Enterprises to manage your project you will receive expert guidance which will enhance the success of any project.


Project Management Services


  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management

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Understanding the way Facility Management (FM) knowledge is produced within the life of a building cycle, as well as the relationship between the FM organisational strategies, knowledge accrual and the management of the knowledge, is critical.


As an example, mines that reap billions of dollars during its operation, also require significant investment to commence production.


It is important that the costs associated with running a business are incorporated into the cost of the product, to keep operations running smoothly and with minimal waste.


Doab Enterprises believes that it is critical to understand the value of Asset and Facilities Management to maintain a competitive advantage.


Doab Enterprises can provide professional advice that is based on extensive experience in due diligence and cost forecasting to the end of an assets life cycle.


Doab Enterprises has the experience and knowledge to ensure the full potential of any asset is achieved.


Asset and Facilities Management Services


  • DORC Evaluations
  • Asset Evaluation
  • Project Procurement Advise
  • Risk Assessment
  • Project Document Due Diligence
  • Asset Life Cycle Cost
  • Infrastructure / Utility Valuation
  • Project Controls Reporting / Reviews
  • Asset Management
  • Capital Allowance Depreciation Due Diligence
  • PPP Review / Due Diligence

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