D’est Estimation Software has been built on many years of high level industry experience. D’est has been meticulously designed with the flexibility to cover all aspects of all estimation fields and is capable of producing an entire range of estimates, no matter what the value of the project.


Originally designed primarily for Engineering, Oil & Gas and Infrastructure, D’est has the versatility to be adapted to any application requiring the production of an estimate.


Through clever use of the drag & drop method, D’est dramatically reduces the time taken to assemble an estimate, ultimately leading to increased productivity and profits.


D’est boasts a unique feature that allows supplier pricing information to be imported directly into the system, avoiding the re-keying of data, which is not only time-consuming but also prone to potential errors. Accrued rates can also be easily constructed and used to streamline the production of estimates.


D’est uses the windows ‘point and click’ functionality to reduce the time required to produce an estimate. As well as the standalone system, D’est has capabilities of being fully networked for an estimating team. Data may be easily transferred to a laptop computer to easily enable the production of  ‘on site’ estimates.


A unique set of unit codes have been devised to automate many of the calculations required in compiling an estimation, and Industry accepted ‘Discipline Codes’ are used to categorise all items, enabling particular items to be found quickly and easily.


Price books

D’est allows ‘Supplier Price Book’ data to be imported directly into the main database. This avoids the potential for errors when re-keying data and provides an easy method for obtaining the latest pricing information.


Where necessary, Price Books may be created for specific tasks. (D’est refers to these as ‘Base’ Price Books).


Base Price Books, if created on a stand-alone-system, can be easily shared with other users using the Base Price Books Import/Export feature.

Working on an Estimate

Specific items to be inserted into the estimate are easily found using either Discipline Codes or by item description.


If necessary, items may be created from ‘scratch’ and if required for other estimates, may be saved into a Base Price Book. Further Base Price Books can be created as required, whist working on any project.


An estimation may be searched to quickly find specific items.


Every item has a memo field to enhance descriptions and usage.


Simple data entry enables quick and accurate insertion of items into an estimate.

Estimate Adjustments

‘Supplier Discounts’ across the entire estimation may be changed at the click of a button.


Any Rates (fabrication rate, site rate etc.) used in an estimation can be changed quickly and easily without the need to change each one individually.


‘Overheads’ may be left as separate entities, or may be spread in whole or part, across the direct costs of the estimation.


A variety of reports may be produced quickly and easily, covering topics including: Materials Data, Labour Data, Line Totals, Overheads, Procurement Report and many others.


Each report may be produced in full detail or as a summary.


Reports may be exported directly into Excel or as an ASCII delimited file allowing integration with a variety of other applications.


User defined ‘Link Codes’ allow reports to be produced using descriptions from ‘other’ data bases. This feature is useful in producing reports that may link to an existing Financial Package.


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